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Squirrel Talks: The Interview

How Long Have You Been Crafting?
Since I was very young I think I have always had a fascination with creating things and have tried all sorts over the years - I used to make clothes for my dolls and teddies, I've knitted (badly), crocheted (if straight rows count), baked, cooked - I've also dabbled in short stories and poetry.  I thought I had found the perfect creative outlet with cross stitch, which I did for years, until I discovered serious card making (I'd only dabbled before that).  I love creating - it gives my mind a freedom that I can't get anywhere else.

How Would You Describe Your Style?
Fluff free (rofl)!  I really do admire cards that are decorated to the point of falling over with the weight of the embellishments and covered in flowers and lace, they can look stunning, but I simply cannot bring myself to do it.  I prefer for the image to be the centre of attention with the background being a compliment rather than a distraction.  I guess the simple answer to this would be "straightforward".

Where Do You Take Inspiration From?
Anywhere and everywhere - from the most mundane, everyday object (I once made a card inspired by an empty brown cardboard box, honestly) to the great works of art.  I am always open to ideas, however odd their source.

What's Your Favourite Technique?
Ooh, now, this has taken a while to find but now I've found it I think I'll stick with it - until I find a new favourite of course.  It has to be rubber stamping and painting.  When I started I used to heat emboss everything and colour the images with watercolour pencils or paints.  Then I discovered Memento Ink and have hardly embossed since.  Just over a year ago I found Tim Holtz Distress Inks (ReInkers) and would now have to think long and hard before I considered colouring images with anything else.

Do You Suffer From Craft Envy?
Of course I do!  I think anyone who says they don't is fibbing.  I envy those who work in the craft world or who can actually make a living from their creativity.  Imagine being paid for doing what you love!  I have a huge envy for those crafters who, for whatever their circumstances, don't go out to work and can craft full time if they choose to, rather than trying to cram it all in to a couple of hours at a weekend amongst all the other jobs that don't get done Monday to Friday.  Having said that, I am so so soooooo grateful that my job allows me to indulge my rubber fetish without feeling too much guilt.  

Who Do You Admire?
There are far too many skilled and talented crafters out there and to name names would be unfair, but I have total admiration for those who can make their colourwork look like effortless perfection.

Do You Have A Dream For The Future?
I am by nature a dreamer.  Of course I do, but it is very unstructured, like most of my life.  I would love for my work to be recognised and picked up by a craft magazine or stamp producer - there are crafters whose work is instantly recognisable by their style - I'd dream to be able to claim that.  I'd love to have more time to craft without losing income (you did say "dream").  Maybe one day I'll be a national brand!

Squirrel was interviewed at home whilst cooking Sunday dinner


Zippy said...

Wonderful interview hun! Can't wait for another one! xxx

Rufus said...

Great interview...can only assume that it was conducted by Vince? He forgot to include what you were fixing for Sunday dinner. Seriously, good job.

Sande said...

Fluff free....lol! Yeah, I have a partner in crime.

Kathyk said...

I'm a fluff free kind of crafter too!


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