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Toad's Origami

40 Piece Pentagonal Ball
90 Piece Ball


Samantha said...

WHAT can I say!! Blinking heck Toad! these are awesome! love them! well done and we wanna see more! hugs me x

tilly said...

flippin eck!!! how do you put so many bits together, and with holes in!!!
well done Toad

ambacrafts said...

Wat to go Toad. FAB creations. Toad in the hole lol ;-)
(sorry couldn't resist and you've probably heard it a million times!)
Alison59 x

Zippy said...

These are amazing Toad! You must have the patience of a saint! xxx

Marrigje said...

WOW beautiful. you make me pull out my paper and start folding again.


Jackie said...

OMG, what brilliant paper folding, I get confused just trying to fold stuff into a little box! :o)
Jackie xx

Faith A said...

Missed this, blimey charlie, now that is clever!

Jackie said...

Sorry to say that I have never noticed this page Squirrel, Toad must have the patience of a saint :o)
Jackie xx

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